Monday, July 20, 2009

how to save the country

I was sitting here and just came up with a way we can solve all our country's ill.

Legalize grass. Remember prohibition, that worked real well. Well we learned that the best thing to do was relegalize booze. People were drinking it anyways. All we need top do is set up the national distribution channel .

The government could sell franchises, just like the hamburger stands. They charge an upfront fee(franchise) then an ongoing royalty based upon sales. The government could set up distributors to get the grass to the franchisees. We could have farmers grow grass, just like corn, soybeans etc, complete with subsidies.

The American dream.

Now a lot of people are going to say that this would be morally objectionable. Who cares.........
We now would have a new source of revenue for the government to spend, we could create more jobs for Americans, growing pot, and also would reduce our reliance upon foreign drugs, just like reducing imported oil.

With the government regulating this, it's a can't miss proposition. If it doesn't work who cares, we will be stoned anyways....

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