Friday, July 24, 2009

ready to roll

The government is on to their next venture. Grants for education. I just don't understand this, they haven't even completed the overhaul of the health care system and now their on to education.

Pretty scary. Can't this government complete 1 thing. They must have ADD or something. A lot of the members of the new administration are part of this new generation. Their father's generation created a great country and we have to mess with it. Sure there are problems, but most of them are self induced .

The government's solution now is education. Everyone is going to be smarter and that will achieve what ? We will have better educated unemployed people. The MBA's now have figured out how to achieve better profits, with less heads. The problem is, most of these so called educated people still have a lack of basic socially redeeding values. The only thing they care about is money........

Thought if you believe Gordon Gecko, greed is good . My feeling is that no matter much money or power you have, you still will not live any longer than you should, If fact, you could make enemies , which could shorten that theory.

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