Saturday, July 11, 2009

jump right in

I'm new to the blog scene and have decided to share my slanted opinion on life thru the use of this blog.

Many times people lose sight of what is important, in the world, and I have no problem pointing this fact out to them. Why just this week alone, you can see how messed up the world around you is and the fact that most people have no clue what's important.

Can you believe over 1 million people tried to get tickets for the Michael Jackson memorial, and all the tv news shows covered it, and probably many more millions watched it live. While I guess it not unusual for 1 million people to have the day off, but I'm sure there are better things they could do with their time, possibly look for a job.

From what I gather this was biggest deal last week. It didn't matter that the the scuttlebut is that Obama's stimulus plan isn't working and there is talk off another plan being developed, that GM(government motors) is coming out of bankrupcy and is going to be wildly profitable in the future and so one.

This is enough for one day. I'll be back to you soon.

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